June 20 opening at CMAV Toulouse

June 20 opening of two new exhibitions on Catalan Architecture at CMAV Toulouse (Centre Méridional de l'Architecture et de la Ville), presented by AERA (Actions, Etudes et Recherches sur l'Architecture, l'Habitat et la Ville):

VOGADORS, Jeune architecture Catalane et Baléare. Curated by Jordi Badia and Felix Arranz.

VIDES PERSISTANTS. An exhibition on recent works by BAAS arquitectura, studio led by Jordi Badia. 

Jordi Badia, founder of BAAS arquitectura, professor at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) , whose work has been recognized through different awards such as the City of Barcelona for Can Framis Museum, presents the exhibition "Vogadors, Jeune et Baleàre Catalane architecture" (as co-curator along with Félix Arranz), and " Vides Persistants " at the CMAV gallery, Toulouse.